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3 New Year's Resolutions For My Netflix Account

This year I'll really tighten up and do it right! Oh who am I kidding.
It's the time to start making resolutions to be a better person. I eye my Netflix account, and think "I could do so much better!"
1. I will return my disks promptly, at least twice a week.
If I have disks at home, I watch them. But I don't have disks at home unless I return the disks I just watched. I have a three-at-a-time plan, and I currently average about ten disks per month. Ten! I could double that, if I actually watched and returned my disks on time.

Having a Netflix account is all about the throughput. This is going to be even more critical next year, if the USPS really does slash their distribution centers in half and double the turn-around time for First Class mail.
2. I will rate things, so that Netflix gives me better suggestions
Netflix has an amazing suggestion algorithm, which is based on your reviews of things you have watched. But it can't work if you don't review anything, and frankly, I can never be bothered. This always comes back to bite me in the butt on those days when I want to see something new, but I don't know exactly what.
3. I will actually watch things from my queue - or de-queue them
I know I'm not alone in this. My Netflix queue has hovered in the low hundreds ever since I first signed up, lo those many years ago. Here's how it goes: I add things to the queue that I think I might want to watch later, or think that I really ought to want to watch. 
But you know what? It turns out that in large part, if I don't want to watch something right then, I will never want to watch it. Even if I think I ought to want to watch it, which is why there is a huge pocket of movies about artist's biographies (Byron, Pollock, Wilde, etc). I ought to want to watch these movies - there is no reason why I wouldn't want to watch them - but when you get right down to it, I do not want to watch them.
This creates a situation where I'm forever bumping things up to the top of the queue, instead of letting the queue roll naturally (as it is clearly meant to do). And instead of those wonderful compelling and artistically inspiring movies, I end up watching (e.g.) Zombieland and Breaking Bad.