Streaming Netflix on Android

Streaming Netflix on Android

" Using the application is relatively simple for those who already have a Netflix account."

In the past the Netflix Android application was only supported by five different devices.  Thankfully now almost phones and tablets are capable of running it provided they are running OS version 2.2 and up.  This means that more people get to stream Netflix movies and television shows on their phone or tablet.

Using the application is relatively simple for those who already have a Netflix account.  All users need to do is download the app and enter their log in information.  The Netflix account will then sync up with the device.  Features such as recommendations, instant queue and viewing history will remain intact.

People who have tried this application have had a few complaints.  Firstly only instant streaming titles are available.  This means that users cannot access their DVD mailing list from their device.  Another common complaint is that the system does not have enough navigational controls.  As there is no "jump to top" command scrolling down long lists is tedious.  That being said, the positives of this application outweigh these small complaints.

The app performs well and has smooth, reliable streams.  The quality of the videos and sound is also impressive.  Due to this it is worthwhile ignoring the minor complaints of users and downloading the application.

Using this system on a tablet or mobile phone gives users the opportunity to watch movies and television anywhere at anytime.  Basically it can be used anywhere where these is internet access.  This will make events like long car rides more bearable.